Corflu Cobalt – Programme

(All events and times subject to change without notice)

Friday 19th March

2.30 pm: Walking tour of Winchester for those interested

8.30 pm: Opening Ceremony

9.00 pm: James Bacon Does Bob Shaw

10.00 pm: The Explicator Strikes Back

Saturday 20th March

10.30 am: Panel: I Blame Dr. Who

11.30 am: Bill Burns Interviews Earl Kemp

12:15 pm: Panel: Grumpy Young Girls

1.00 pm: Lunch Break

2.30 pm: Rob Jackson's Team Quiz

3.30 pm: Steve Stiles' Rotsler Award Presentation

4.30 pm: Auction

5.30 pm: Panel: Digging Up the Dirt

6.30 pm: The Adventures of Pat and the Electric Motorman

7.30 pm: Dinner Break

10.00 pm: What Happens in Las Vegas Comes to Winchester

Sunday 21st March

11:30 or thereabouts: Group Photo

12 noon: Buffet and Awards

3pm: End of buffet and convention

The complete Programme Guide containing additional information can be downloaded as a PDF file from our Publications page