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February 11–13, 2011

Hello Seekers!

Welcome to CorFlu 28: The Ancient Sacred Order of E CorFlu Vitus

The 2011 edition of CorFlu comes to you live and in public from the beautiful Domain Hotel in Sunnyvale, California on February 11th through the 13th. You should certainly look into joining us for a weekend of conversation, programming, minty-fresh entertainment and just plain fun. We’ll be randomly selecting the Guest of Honor on Friday night, holding the traditional banquet on Sunday morning, have a swingin’ ConSuite, be awarding the FAAn Awards and so much more. It’ll be a great time and I hope y’all’ll join us for it.

And yes, for one year only, the ‘F’ is capitalized!

Virtual ConSuite is GO! That’s the location for the Virtual ConSuite, where you’ll be able to keep in touch with those whacky folks who braved the trip out to the wilds of the Silicon Valley! Check-in frequently to see who’s around!

CorFlu 28 T-Shirts, Messenger Bags, Etc. Available NOW!

CorFlu Clem, the official mascot of The Ancient Sacred Order of E CorFlu Vitus, makes his appearance on various items that are available NOW on the official CorFlu 28 store. You can find all the available swag at! Buy stuff today!

Banquet, yes, also Breakfast!

That’s right people, with your room at the Domain, you get free Breakfast down in the hotel lobby at Bytes. You should make sure to get down there for your breakfast buffet featuring American and Asian favorites on the Buffet! You might also want to stop by Bytes for a snack and a drink later in the evening!

Progress Report

There is a progress report! Check it out: CorFlu28PR.pdf [1.3 MB]

FAAn Awards

The Fan Activity Achievement Awards (FAAns) ballot is now available! The voting deadline is 8 a.m. Pacific Time on Friday, February 4th 2011.

Download the FAAn ballot right here.

List of finalists, voters, and nominees (9KB PDF)

Reservation Day is Coming!

You’ve got until January 18th 28th to book your rooms at the Domain! The rate is 89 bucks a night up until then, so you’ll wanna get down to it!

A Note to Smokers

If you want to do any smoking, no matter what kind of smoking, even if it’s with a prescription, you’ll have to do it outside of the hotel. The cleaning fee will apply to any rooms where smoking takes place.

“All guestrooms and all other interior areas are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted in exterior areas. If you choose to smoke in your guestroom, an additional fee of $300.00 will be placed on your account.” — From the Domain’s Guest Directory.

Programming Scampering!

So, there are two planned panels in the pipe (One on Zine Archives and one about the Little Men) but we’re still looking for panel ideas and for folks who would be willing to be on them! We’re hoping for a panel on Fan Art and perhaps one on how to put together awards and whatnot.

Got any better ideas?!

Hey, if you’re gonna be in town…

The Computer History Museum will be opening their new exhibit, Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing, this week, so it’ll be in full swing during the weekend of CorFlu. Chris has a limited number of free passes if you’re interested in taking a tour of what has slowly eaten his brain for the last two years. You might wanna swing by and take a look at for details.

TAFF/DUFF/GUFF/CorFlu/Other Auction!

We’ll be holding an auction of materials for the Fan Funds on Saturday afternoon. We’ve got a great many pieces for TAFF and a few to benefit CorFlu and, but we’re a bit light for other Fan Funds. If you have stuff, drop an eMail to and let us know. We’d love to have as much as we can get to help support all the worthy fannish causes!

Got Old Books? Give ‘em a New Home!

A bunch of fans have started a project that we’re calling The Outreach Project with the goal of giving away six, count ‘em 6!, pallets of books at WonderCon, the Bay Area’s largest comics/media convention. The goal: to get folks who might not be regular readers of SF into the booth to grab a book and to get them thinking about reading.

If you’ve got books you’d like to donate, feel free to bring them to the con and we’ll make sure they end up in the hands of fans!

The Project is being supported by many of the recent and up-coming WorldCons, as well as a couple of private individuals and fan groups who have helped make it possible to get the tables at the con to pass out the books from.

The Outreach Project can be reached by email at

The Project also has a Facebook page. It includes news from the Project and an open discussion forum for anyone who would like to help or know more.

You Won’t Have To Be GoH If You Don’t Want To!

As is tradition, the Guest of Honor will be drawn from a hat (or perhaps a random name generation program run on some ancient computer) at the Opening Ceremonies. This means any attendee who hasn’t been a GoH previously can be selected. The GoH will be expected to give a speech at the Banquet on Sunday and might even be the subject of more programming on Saturday. So you could have all this laid upon you simply for showing up…

Well, maybe not?

You see, there is a way out. For a payment of Twenty Dollars American, you can have your name go conveniently missing from the draw. When you register, you can make your payment and poof, your name will disappear. It’s just that simple.

Do You Believe in Coincidence?

Last year, CorFlu was in beautiful Winchester, so this year, why not celebrate strange coincidences with a tour of the Winchester Mystery House!

The Winchester Mystery House is a rambling Victorian which was built by Sarah Winchester over the span of more than 30 years. The house she built, either to scare off ghosts, confuse contractors or just because she wasn’t a great architect, is a fun visit and we’ll have discount coupons for folks who want to make the trip. Drop for more info.

Congrats to Dave Hicks!

Dave Hicks, artist, FanEd and all-around good guy, has been chosen to receive the CorFlu 50, helping to get him across the Atlantic! Dave will be attending E CorFlu Vitus and the generosity of those good donors to the CorFlu 50 is to blame!

What's In A Name?

E Corflu Vitus is named in tribute to the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus.