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Members of Corflu 23 as of May 1

  • A Don Anderson
  • A Sue Anderson
  • A Randy Byers
  • S Allyn Cadogan
  • A Janet Carrington
  • A Jim Caughran
  • A Moshe Feder
  • A Christopher Garcia
  • A Mike Glicksohn
  • S John Hertz
  • S Jerry Kaufman
  • A Hope Leibowitz
  • S Robert Lichtman
  • A Eric Lindsay
  • A Frank Lunney
  • A Murray Moore
  • A Lloyd Penney
  • A Andy Porter
  • S John Purcell
  • A Yvonne Rowse
  • A Ian Sorensen
  • A Geri Sullivan
  • S Suzanne Tompkins
  • A Gregg Trend
  • A Audrey Trend
  • S R-Laurraine Tutihasi
  • A Pat Virzi
  • S Keith Walker
  • A Taral Wayne
  • A Bob Webber
  • A Jean Weber
  • A Ted White
  • A Art Widner
  • A Ben Wilson
  • A Cathi Wilson
  • A Janet Wilson
  • A Paul Wilson
  • A Ben Zuhl