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Corflu 23 Toronto


We're hosting a Fan Fund auction, so if you've got fanzines, books, or "tat" (as the British describe it) to donate, please do so. We're also planning an on-stencil art demo/workshop, and luckily we've got a complete supply of the necessary museum pieces lined up, so all we'd like from you is your enthusiastic participation. We'd like to present a slideshow of faanish historica, though this being the 21st Century it's more likely we'll present pre-digitized slides using a computer and video projector. If you've got images you think would be of interest to others, please get in touch!

There's room in the schedule for more, so we're open to suggestions.

We're serious about honouring the Corflu tradition of a sports game on Sunday afternoon. A game of curling was suggested to us, but alas all of the rinks are closed by May. Bowling has also been suggested, though the nearest bowling alley is a long commute away. Which brings us to baseball, which can be played conveniently nearby and won't cost much for permit fees, but we lack the gear. We've got a few chewed-up old bats and that's it. So if baseball is to happen, we need someone to volunteer to round up the equipment from wherever it comes from. We could always resort to knurdling, though that seems more like an evening "sport" event.

Throughout the con, we'll have a computer set up for contributions to the one-shot. It will be illustrated by the results of the on-stencil art workshop, naturally enough. We'll have a proper Gestetner set-up (electrostenciller and 360 duplicator) so unless you're heading home early you'll have a chance to leave the con with some weekend fanac in your hands.

Pre- and Post-con Activities

On the first Thursday evening of each month, there's a fannish "pub night" gathering at a downtown watering hole. Presently, the pub location is a short walk from the Quality Hotel, but since the First Thursday's been known to move around on short notice, it's best to check with us regarding the location. As First Thursday often winds down by the unfannish hour of 10pm, we're planning on hosting an "afterparty" though we haven't yet sorted out the location. Again, check with us if you're getting in by Thursday.

Friday afternoon will be spent on a walking tour of some "local interest" sights. Possibilities are: Kensington Market, a functioning marketplace (and not a touristy 'village') since the late 19th Century [history, architecture, shopping, café ambience]; the Don Valley Brick Works, a decommissioned industrial site which is now a semi-naturalized park with wetlands and much fossil shale [nature walk]; the Distillery District, the former Victorian-era Gooderham and Worts site which has been preserved as a touristy arts village [history, architecture]; also a possibility is a visit to the Toronto Public Library's Merril Collection [pulps, books, fanzines, sensawunda]. Looking for something else entirely? Suggest it and we'll see if it's available.

If you're around after the con, so are we. Jaunts to local museums, galleries and other venues are a definite possibility.